Johansen's USDA Inspected at 4476 County Road P, Orland, CA 95963

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4476 County Road P, Orland, CA 95963
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    Aug, 08 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I followed my grass fed heifer through the process of Johansesn's Meats processing and was surprisingly pleased. My heifer was treated with respect & calmness; she was led to a open, clean, sheltered pen with plenty of water, to be held over night allowing her to recover from the 3 hrs drive up. To end up with a high quality product, stress levels should be kept to a minimum and they did this quite well. What really surpised me.. NO odors at all; not outside or inside.

    I took a tour through the small pristine processing facity, meeting the hands-on staff, and asking lots of questions. The staff was knowledgable and quite willing to answer me in depth and explain why they did what they did. I was pleased to see that the crew were in good spirits... appeared to be an excellent team.

    In making decisions on how to have the meat cut, I was a "newbie". Joel took the time to work with me on what I was looking for. We were having a ranch day coming up and wanted to have samples that prospective clients could take home. Besides going over the pro's & con's of the different cuts and what I would get that matched how I cooked, he also worked out the sample packs for me. It helped me see what I wanted to do for my customer's in the future, to assist them in how to order (i.e. HOW to KNOW what they wanted!); making the whole process less stressful for the consumer!

    I plan on taking up the offer to come back and see the actual meat cutting process so that I have a clearer picture of what can be done. Rather than this being an experience to dread I found that this set up was excellent. I did not have to worry about food contaimation, unhappy workers, poor conditions, etc. or how my animals were being treated. I provided a quality grassfed pastured experience from birth on, and Johansen's maintained it.

    Johansen's set a high "gold standard"!
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